Floating Offshore Wind ‘Mooring’ Whitepaper

Floating Offshore Wind ‘Mooring’ Whitepaper

GWEC’s Commercial Director, David Timmington is also Chair of World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO) Floating Offshore Wind ‘Moorings’ Subcommittee, and author of its inaugural white paper “Mooring Systems for Floating Offshore Wind: Integrity Management Concepts, Risks and Mitigation.” The whitepaper was published on 13th May 2022 with follow-up webinar 30th June 2022.

David commented…

“I’m proud to be associated with this landmark publication. The members of WFO’s FOW Moorings Subcommittee represent an unparalleled level of knowledge, experience and expertise across a wide spectrum of industry-related fields. Our collaborative ethos has fostered wide-ranging discussions around a broad theme of ‘Integrity Management’ and this inaugural whitepaper introduces the main concepts and design choices, identifies key considerations and points towards future detailed work. Thanks to all who contributed, both directly and indirectly, in defining the novel approach our industry needs to support and accelerate global net zero ambitions.”

A copy of the whitepaper can be downloaded via the following link https://wfo-global.org/?jet_download=5751 and webinar viewed via above link.

Floating Offshore Wind ‘Mooring’ Whitepaper Cover
Floating Offshore Wind ‘Mooring’ Whitepaper (Click image to download the whitepaper)