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It’s not only about what we do, but also how we do business

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Griffin-Woodhouse Limited is committed to corporate accountability. We firmly believe that success and sustainability are not only about what we do, but also about how we do business.

A strong corporate culture based on ethics, integrity and transparency, combined with a technical knowledge and experience accumulated over hundreds of years, should undoubtedly be employed to the benefit of wider society and community at large.

It is fundamental to our business the principles enshrined in our Code of Conduct are observed and implemented in practice. Every employee and stakeholder associated with the company is expected to act responsibly, with integrity and honesty, and embrace our Code of Conduct, its underlying policies and directives.

Implementation of our Code of Conduct is managed through an ethics and compliance framework led by the Compliance Committee, which evaluates on-going performance against compliance activities. The purpose being to prevent, detect and remediate any actual, threatening or perceived deviation from the Code of Conduct to safeguard GWEC’s compliance with the anti-corruption laws of countries in which we do, or intend to do business. Senior management are accountable for ensuring the behaviours prescribed by the Code of Conduct are effectively communicated, implemented, executed, assessed and reported.

Reporting Channel

GWEC’s independent reporting channel, which provides a simple step-by-step guide to its use, is available 24/7 in English, Portuguese and Spanish languages.

The service helps preserve an ethical and responsible corporate environment by facilitating safe and responsible reporting of any transgression, or activities/behaviours of concern, which may contravene the integrity principles enshrined in GWEC’s Code of Conduct.

The contents of reports remain anonymous and confidential, each report being given a unique tracking number for monitoring and follow-up.

GWEC does not and will not tolerate any reprisal against whistleblowers disclosing information in good-faith, and you should act accordingly reassured the company fully recognises such protections provided to you in law.